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Please don’t steal these as your own, we wrote these, and we’d we’re just posting them for your enjoyment.

Savannah’s First Fan Fiction:
Jacob Black’s Death

“I’m going to take Nessie out for a little walk,” He had said. Then he walked out the door with my whole world. Why, I asked myself, Why do I still have this hatred towards Jacob Black? I had thought that we had worked it all out. But there was this little feeling that I just couldn’t shake. There was something about the way Jacob looked at her that scared me.
It was early in the morning, probably about five. Bella and I had been interrupted six times during the night, hearing the dogs run back and forth. That thought stopped me. Why would they be running as wolves at that time?
“Hey,” Bella, my beautiful love, wrapped her arms around my waist. “Where’s Renessmee?”
“Jacob took her.”
“Took her where?!” Her motherly instincts were taking over.
“He said they were going for a walk. He didn’t say where, my love.” I looked out the window of our small cottage. I couldn’t see my daughter and the dog anymore.
“Jake needs to learn that he needs to ask permission of me before he takes my daughter anywh-”
She was interrupted by a peircing howl.
We flew out the door, following the mixed stench of Jacob and Nessie.
Bella stumbled across it first.
“Jake?” She asked. She picked up Nessie and looked at the wounded Jacob.
Very little time had passed since we heard his howling. But his wounds should have been gone by now. “Bella, he’s not healing.”
“Mommy? What happened to Jake?”
“Edward, take Nessie home. Now.” Bella gave her to me, and she turned down to Jacob.

I held her hand while we ran at her pace down to our special place in the forest.
“Jake, are we going to fix this up soon like you promised?” her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me.
“Soon, Ness, very soon.” I looked out among the rocks. “Should we take off?”
She barely nodded, and started running as fast as she could among the boulders.
“Don’t trip!” I yelled as I started after her. We were heading to the stream, one of the most peaceful places on earth. I marveled at the green grass and moss covering the large rocks, the small flowers growing amongst them. The stream was getting much closer, and I started to run faster.
Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks.
“Nessie, STOP!” I yelled. She had already heard the footsteps when I did. Who would be out at this time? I ran to Renessmee as fast as possible, and scooped her up in my arms. “It’s okay.”
She pressed her hand to my cheek. I gasped at what I saw. I immediately put her down. I could feel it coming now. Faster, and faster…
The ground started to shake.
“Jake? Is it happening?”
I couldn’t move. I was frozen on the shaking ground. This was my end and I couldn’t do anything but save her. I had to move her out of the way before-
And then they hit. Huge, muddy, wolves. A pack of ten, bigger than me, bigger than any I’ve seen before, knocked me to the ground. The impact was huge. I saw Ness run to safety, away from the strangers.
I wanted to talk, find out who this powerful pack was. I didn’t know them, how did they know me? More important, why were they trying to kill me? I struggled against their weight, heavy on top of me, but they weren’t having that. I tried to shift, I was angry enough. My body didn’t respond. I had no idea how to attempt to change into wolf form. It was like I had lost my wolf. This feeling was so…human.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see ten more wolves, twice the size of the ginormous wolves on top of me. They were about to land right on top of the ones that were scratching my stomach.
Then everything went black.

I saw everything. The wolves, the pack, Jacob getting injured, and I didn’t want to even think it when I saw the flash of him unconscious. Why could I see this? I can’t see with the wolves around! I pondered for a moment, and muttered “No…”
“Alice, what is it?” Jasper asked me.
“Its… its Jacob. There’s a strange… pack of wolves that are attacking him. He needs help!”
“But… you saw this?”
“Yes, it was so strange! I can’t see them at all, but this was so clear…
Carlisle had heard us.
“Rosalie, Emmett. Esme.” He muttered, within a flash, all of us were standing together.
“Jacob has been attacked.” I said slowly, then turned towards the front of the house.
We all busted out of the front door, running. I could smell the stench, along with my brother’s smell.
“Edward’s been here, so has Bella. They’ve found Jake.” I told them.
“Why should we help him?” Rosalie, being the brat she is, spoke up.
“Do you know how much Jacob Black has done for us? We can’t let him die!”
“Will you all quit with the bickering? Let’s go find him.” Carlisle and the others started off running again.
I didn’t.
I saw Renessmee, she was life-less. Still living, but dead inside. She had lost Jacob.
“We have to hurry!” I ran like I never ran before, until I saw them all standing over Jacob, legs twisted, laying in an uncomfortable way.
“Jake?” Bella stroked his cheek, and jumped back.
“He’s… cold.” Bella said, so slow that she added about five syllables.
No one said a word.

The End.

More fan fiction soon!

  1. that is so sad. why would you kill off Jacob, he is the best. But you are a very talented writer!!!

  2. Eww… Jacob. That’s exactly why I killed him.

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